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Eco-credit systems for farming, fishing and forestry


Eco-credit systems for farming, fishing and forestry


Eco-credit for farming, fishing and forestry

Why we are different

F3 Life systems are replicable, scalable and adaptable for a variety of agricultural or natural resource value chain and ecosystem management contexts. Furthermore, the F3 Life Toolkit achieves its objectives in a more rigorous and cost-effective way than other approaches.

More Rigorous

Preliminary data indicate that while conventional environmental and natural resource management projects result in a lower than 15% annual rate of uptake of new practices or technology, F3 Life’s approach has to date resulted in a 94% uptake.

More Cost Effective

F3 Life’s approach is cost neutral or can even generate positive returns. By contrast, we estimate that costs for conventional agri-environmental projects lie in the range of USD 100 – 300 per beneficiary over three years.

Our goal is to provide eco-credit systems to 1,000,000 smallholders by 2025