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Eco-credit systems for farming, fishing and forestry


Eco-credit systems for farming, fishing and forestry


Eco-credit for farming, fishing and forestry

What is eco-credit?

Our eco-credit system is underpinned by the F3 Life Toolkit and a management system that is adapted to the needs of each organisation we work with. The F3 Life Toolkit consists of three tools:

Credit scoring

A system to assess the credit-worthiness of small-scale producers, which incorporates environmental measures into the credit-scoring approach.

Loan tracking

Software for disbursement and repayment of loans using mobile money, such that there is no cash-handling required by staff and the status of all loans can be accurately seen on a daily basis. The loan tracking software is provided by F3 Life partner, Musoni System.

Environmental monitoring

Software for recording evidence of adoption of improved agricultural practices or natural resource management – in compliance with the terms of credit.