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Eco-credit systems for farming, fishing and forestry


Eco-credit systems for farming, fishing and forestry


Eco-credit for farming, fishing and forestry

The team

The founding team behind F3 Life comprises a credit product development specialist, an agricultural and environmental economist, and a natural resource and land management expert with substantial organisational management and development experience.


The team shares a vision that the approach and systems that they continue to develop form the basis for using green credit to build a sustainable and wealthier future, particularly for farmers, fishermen and forest-users in developing countries.

Mark Ellis-Jones Portrait Photo

Mark Ellis-Jones


Mark is an environmental economist and negotiated Africa’s first “payments for ecosystem services” or conservation contracts. Previously Mark was a co-founder and led financial product design at an award-winning mobile money microcredit provider. Mark has substantial experience in early stage businesses.

Mug-shots - Ngigi

Obadiah Ngigi


Obadiah has a Master’s degree in agricultural economics and seven years of experience working with Kenyan farmers, mobilising them to undertake climate-smart soil conservation measures. Obadiah was formerly CEO of Farmers Life East Africa, a special purpose vehicle set up to carry out the first pilot of F3-Life’s systems.


Andrew Williams


Andrew has been closely involved in several successful start-up organizations and has worked on forestry and climate-change-related issues, land tenure and rights-based natural resource management for over 15 years, mostly in East Africa. Andrew also works as a part-time natural resource management consultant.