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Eco-credit systems for farming, fishing and forestry


Eco-credit systems for farming, fishing and forestry


Eco-credit for farming, fishing and forestry

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We are looking to work with companies, NGOs and finance institutions interested in piloting and scaling up adaptations of the F3 Life approach in different contexts. We are confident that there are useful opportunities for successfully developing adaptions of the F3 Life approach in other agricultural applications such as environmental improvements in commercial outgrower contexts and for improved extensive livestock grazing.

In addition, we consider there to be significant opportunities for providing services to small-scale producers in woodlot plantation and natural forestry, as well as in fisheries.

Further opportunities exist for linking investments at the small-holder level, for example in woodlot forestry, with initiatives to improve existing and create new value-chains.

Overall the F3 Life approach has the potential to play an instrumental role in scalably transforming how land- and water-scapes are managed by small-scale producers, in helping to mitigate agricultural, forestry and land use emissions, and in supporting small holders adapt and build the resilience of their livelihoods to climate change.